Overview of mythological and scientific background of Vaastu, Understanding Life force Energy, Importance of Five Elements, Use of Magnetic Compass, Importance of Cardinal Directions & extensions, Types, shapes and selection of Land, Soil Test and VeedhiShoola.

Unit 2: Interiors and Exteriors

Open Space planning and Building Design,
Floor level,
Height factors,
Verandas, Balconies, Porch, Basements, Sumps & Borings,
Boundary Walls, Parking, Security Guard Room, Overhead Tanks, Septic Tanks, Water flow,
Mezzanine floors,
Plants and Greenery.

Unit 3: Orientation of Home

Master Bed Room , Kids room, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room,
Bathroom, Drawing room, Study Room, Puja Room,
Library, Store room, Furniture making, Doors, Windows and ventilators,
Main Entrance, Staircase, Servants room, Guest room.

Unit 4: Commercial Vaastu

External and Internal Planning, Offices, Shops, Restaurants,
Showrooms, Schools, Hospitals and Other Commercial Establishments.

Unit 5: Remedial Vaastu

Identifying the Vaastu Defects,
Rectification of Vaastu Defects in Existing Building (without reconstruction)
Color therapy,
Discussion on different building Plans.

Unit 6: Pyramids

Power of Pyramids,
Application of Pyramids in Vaastu,
Remedies with Pyramids.
Other Auspicious Articles

Unit 7: Fengshui

Relation with vaastu
Uses of various Fengshui articles

Unit 8: Practical

Project*: Vastu Analysis and Vastu Comparison followed by Viva
Examples and case studies,
Live discussion of vaastu on different plans bring by students in the class, Site Visits

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