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Abacus needs : why to choose us

We are well known to provide best mental maths arithmetic education at minimum cost. We provide online classes as well as offline classes, maths classes ,Vedic maths classes ,phonics class , improve handwriting class , midbrain activation , calligraphy for your kids and as well as teachers training. Secondly, we provides books and kits at a very minimum cost but with quality beyond your expectation.

You get almost each and every material like abacus bag , t-shirt ,medals and trophies ,report card printing, certificates printing so that you get all material at one place. We are admired for the quality and service we provide. Most important every material you can get with your brand name and logo on it. You are trust on us has increased our responsibility much more than before therefore we aim our best honest efforts to keep our service and support prompt and above satisfaction. We provides you with most beneficial courses like mental math development course so that your child can excel in academic progress especially to take away maths phobia of your child.

Abacus franchise support

Our aim is to offer a franchise network across the globe and that to a cheaper cost because we believe education is need of every individual. We have put our honest efforts in providing abacus books, vedic maths books and education kit at cheaper rate but with quality beyond your expectation. You may also get access to free portal for online abacus and vedic maths for various competition exams like state and national competition as well as international competition.

Benefit of abacus

Suitable for children between 4 to 14 years that is from class kg to 7 th
Improve calculation speed and accuracy
Help to improve academic result of your child
Improve memory retention therefore no need to mug up
Improve creativity there by balancing left and right brain
Improve visualisation power and hence learning ability

Abacus and Vedic maths classes

Abacus and Vedic maths classes are province to be beneficial for improving academic performance in maths As well as it helps to improve visualisation power. We provide Vedic maths teacher training to start your own business centre we have both online class and offline classes model so that you can select visible is suitable for you our online abacus and Vedic maths classes are conducted through video calling where as in offline you can join for the Vedic maths classes near to you.

Vedic maths classes : who can join

Abacus and Vedic maths classes are suitable for student in following grade. (Abacus from class kg to 7th ) and ( Vedic from class 5 and onwards) Most importantly students who wish to appear for competitive exams and those who wants to make career in software IT company can also join for Vedic maths classes. Above all we have a self-learning model where student or teacher can learn through pre-recorded videos.

Benefit of Vedic maths classes:

Suitable for children about 11 years that is class 5 and onwards.
Improve calculation speed and accuracy.
Help top your academic result.
Helps improve memory retention therefore no more mug up.
Health scoring in competitive exam certainly creating more chances of selection.
Helpful in engineering as well as software industry.

Improve handwriting

Firstly we know handwriting is the soul representative of once personality. Secondly handwriting place and important role in boosting your confidence level. We have a prone course that surely helps you on improving your handwriting this is a short-term course and can be completed within 2 weeks’ time frame.

Suitable for children 4 to 17 years that is class 1 to 12.
Improve handwriting as well as presentation skill.
Improve writing speed as a result boosting yourself confidence.
Helps scoring in exam certainly more appreciation from teachers.
Improves creativity as well as writing skill.

Learn calligraphy

Suitable for children 4 to 18 years, that is class 1 st to 12 th
Improve handwriting and hence your presentation skill.
Improve writing speed simultaneously boosting your confidence too.
Improve creativity as well as your writing skill.
Above all cancel it as o career in arts and design

Midbrain activation

Suitable for children 6 to 18 years
Overall development of brain
Helps to improve concentration
Helps to improve creativity and logic
Improves five senses
Helps to develop in tuition power

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