Course – Through this course, mentally disabled, visually impaired, deaf, dumb and hand-folded legs can be completely cured. Apart from this, SLE Lupus (auto immune diseases) can be cured, there can be conflicts, hatred, rioting in the family / anywhere, obstacles in marriage, delay in marriage or breakups of relationships can be cured. The effects of black magic, witchcraft, ghosts can be overcome, fear of fire, water, darkness, height, blood, etc. can be avoided. Sudden difficult diseases such as cancers, HIV positive, etc. can be removed, preventing accident which happens frequently, even if the loved one dies, they can be interviewed(can talk to them). The curse of poverty can be overcome. Freedom from the curse of being a eunuch can be rested, sitting on its own breaking the bones, in spite of taking calcium and eating nutritious food, if this problem occurs, this can be cured , if there is a genetic disease that is coming from the dynasty, then it can be cured. The leprosy, wherein the whole body starts to rot, the bones start turning or psoriasis, in which the sharp itching begins, and the blood starts flowing, then it can be cured if there is severe irritation and pain. In addition to this, if the patient is suffering a lot, but many problems like this can be completely cured by Reiki Astral Travel if there is nothing in the doctor's inquiry and medical reports. + FREE Akashic Recording course (only via email)

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