Angels are energies of the Divine that are always surrounding us acting as Guardians and Protectors. Each and every one has such a spirit looking over us willing to guide, what is limiting is our desire and ability to make the connection. Angel Card Reading allows this communication channel to open enabling us to receive their messages. Angels can prove to be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life.

In many ways Angel card reading is very similar to Tarot Reading. The basic principle is much the same – the cards are shuffled and they reveal messages or guidance about our issues or questions. Angel cards give insights into relationships, careers and finances, like Tarot. In addition, they also give the seeker inner peace and confidence to make decisions. Moreover, the sources of guidance of the two are also different. Tarot connects with the Universe or Inner Guide while Angel Card Reading specifically requests the presence of the Angels. An Angel reader will pass the concerns to the guardian Angels and simply act as a mediator between the two.

Tapping into the Angelic presence the seeker’s experiences vary depending on their current situation and nature of the questions asked. The spirits are invited to offer messages on any area of the seeker’s life that they feel necessary.

These messages are delivered from a higher presence and have the potential to transform our lives bringing clarity and insights into our problems. However, the Angels never impose themselves upon us. What we do with this information is our choice, yet these guiding beings will always wait to show us the correct path.

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